Not everyone speaks Greek, but you may want to learn more about the Greek life, culture and nature.
Therefore we will be happy to provide information, tips and help.
Apart from Dutch and Greek, we also speak English and German.

On request we can organize activities or other matters. Following you will find a number of examples.
But if you have special requests or ideas, please contact us and we will see for the possibilities.

How do I get on Thassos?
Thassos may be reached in different ways, but you always have to take the ferry because the island has no airport. 
You can book flights - among others - with
The nearest airport. For example with Thomson or Aegean.
There are more possibilities to fly to Thessaloniki. 
Thomson, EasyJet, RyanAir, Aegea, EuroWings.
From Thessaloniki you will have to drive another 2 hours to the ferry.  It is a nice and easy drive on the motorway.
It is possible to rent a car in advance from  Potos CaRental at a reasonable price, (either for the days of arrival and departure and throughout your vacation), which will be waiting for you at the airport of Thessaloniki. Or you can take the bus or a taxi. 
From the airport Megas Alexandros (Kavala) you take a taxi to the ferry in Keramoti. You buy your ticket there and wait till the ferry leaves.  In the summer season normally every (half) hour, outside season every one or two hours.  It takes approximately 40 minutes to reach Limenas. Your holidays starts before you arrive in the capital of Thassos! There you take another taxi, which will take you to your accommodation in Kalivia/Limenaria in approximately 40 minutes. Or you arrange a rental car to be waiting for you and drive yourself! 

Transport to and from the ferry
At your request we will await you at the ferry (for a reasonable fee) and bring you to your holiday home. If we are not available, we can arrange a taxi to be waiting for you at the ferry. We can also help if you want to rent a car for the entire holiday. We will arrange that the car is ready for you at the port, so you will save taxi costs. Of course we will provide a clear itinerary to your destination.

Kathara Deftera
On Clean Monday this is the end of the carnival period and the beginning of the 40 days fasting before Easter. We will take you to celebrate this exuberant day among the Greeks with a traditional lunch and ouzo, the carnival parade and of course Greek music and dance.
2018 - 19 February
2019 - 11 March
2020 - 2 March
2021 - 15 March

Orthodox Easter
In Greece, Easter is the most important religious celebration. On Good Friday there is a procession, on Saturday night there is a midnight mass in the church where at midnight the Holy Light is transmitted to everyone. After that the Greeks turn home with their burning candles to eat (usually mayiritsa-soup). The fasting is over.
On Sunday there will be outside grills, usually a lamb on the spit.
We will take you to experience all this.
2018 - 8/9 April
2019 - 28/29 April
2020 - 19/20 April
2021 - 2/3 May
The Orthodox Easter is not always on the same date as Western Easter!

Olive Harvest
On Thassos the olives are picked from the beginning of November. Usually in this time you have wonderful sunny weather!
For the Greeks with many olive trees this means weeks of hard work. But the Greeks wouldnít be the Greeks if they didnít make the best out of it. Entire families go every day to there groves gathering the olives for the delicious Thassos-olive oil. Of course you cannot work without having to eat, so at lunch time they often have a barbecue in the grove. After eating and drinking they work some more hours and then bring the olives to the factory.
Would you also want to know how itís like and help with the harvest and see the process from tree to oil, we can also arrange that for you.